Flow Starting Point Not Duplicating with Frame

When I duplicate a frame with a Flow Starting Point (Flow 1 it says, in the little blue label) and I duplicate that frame, the new frame doesn’t have a flow or anything. I want it to say something like “flow 2” in a little blue box. Why is that?

When prototyping that means adding interactions. And usually it implies having flow (hence the default naming), i.e. going from one frame to one other or more. When duplicating top level frames Figma preserves outgoing flow interactions. But unless you’re making it very obvious it’s really difficult for Figma to know if a starting point should become another starting point.

If you grab a starting frame and a second frame which it flows into and duplicate them, then you’ll get another flow starting point. Here it’s obvious because the flow itself gets duplicated. However, if you duplicate only a starting point then the flow will point back to the original flow, which already has a starting point. So it’s not possible to make a safe assumption that that’s what you want.

If your prototype only consists of one frame and you duplicate that then it still doesn’t create a second starting point. Here you might argue that it’s more obvious since no flow is pointing back to an existing one, but for the same reason that might be why it doesn’t create one, because it can’t duplicate flows if there doesn’t exist one in the first place.

This is all just my understanding of prototyping in Figma. An explanation from a Figma official might’ve been different.
Anyways I hope this helps.