Find and Replace Variables

One of my clients is going through a rebranding process. I need to reroute many color variables at once, replacing a group of color variables with another one. There is no easy way to do it, and none of the plug-ins that allow swapping variables will swap variable groups, only collections. I have to go into the Variables panel and change one by one, manually.

If Figma had an intelligent find and replace system for variables, where I could, for example, replace all color/component/primary tokens with color/component/secondary tokens in batch, that would make my life a lot easier.
It would be especially great if it worked similar to text find and replace, where I could define if the variable name contains or does not contain, matches or does not match a string or a collection name or a group name, and similar kind of rules that allow for advanced manipulation, that would be amazing.

Out of curiosity, what is a variables group? Haven’t heard before

Create and manage variables – Figma Learn - Help Center

I haven’t found a more convenient way to do it myself yet, but there is a plugin available “Swap to Local Color Variables”