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File permissions problems


I have a master component file for a project which I have shared with one external Figma member / email for editing so we both can can make edits to the global component file which will update our project files throughout. However they are having problems publishing their changes and unable to do so. They are getting the error ‘Move to team to publish components – Move this file to a Professional team in order to publish components to that team’s library’. We do not want to move the file as cautious this will break links throughout.

We also did a test and shared the file with someone else. Although in my sharing dialogue box it says the person has edit rights when they open the file, their permissions say view only. They restarted Figma to ensure permissions were updated and it continued to be view only.

I am the owner of the file and and giving the other person ‘edit’ permissions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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