Figma Time Tracking in 2024 - What do you use?


Do you happen to get so carried away in Figma, that you later on forget how much time did you actually spent designing? :slight_smile: What time tracking tools and apps do you use to keep an eye of the hours?

There are some topics about Figma time tracking here on forum but all of them are outdated, so I was thinking on doing a little brainstorm on what works well in 2024.

What are your favorites?

A bit of research on my side:

  • There’s this widget with 3.9k users
  • There are tools that automatically track all activity on your computer, including Figma (Memtime for example)
  • There’s a way to check version history in Figma, which lets you to find different save points - therefore get some grasp on the time you’ve been working
  • There are tools that are more in the type of a stopwatch that let you START/STOP recording, however I personally don’t like using them because they distract and disrupt flow

What do you guys use?