Figma slow, project view

Anyone experiencing slow performance when opening Figma, project seem to take forever to load up, and it’s been like this for a couple of months now? Also, is this the Adobe effect?

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Hi there, thank you for reaching out!
If this performance issue is happening to a particular file, then it’s very likely the file is running out of available memory.

Figma is a browser-based app, which means it’s subjected to a 2GB available memory limit that applies to each browser tab, including those in our Desktop App. When loading or editing Figma files nears or exceeds this memory limit, it can cause performance issues like long load times or crashes.

If loading a file exceeds the browser’s available memory, you will need to restore a previous version of this file from the file browser. You may need to go back more than one version to find one that loads.

Once you’re able to load your file, our Help Center article on how to Reduce memory usage in files has helpful information on how to avoid hitting this limit again.

If your file is very small or doesn’t contain any of these elements and you’re still seeing warnings about memory use, please reach out to our support team and they’ll be happy to troubleshoot with you.

Hope this helps!

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