Figma Slides feedback - Videos need playback controls

We have a video in our slide, but while presenting, there didn’t seem to be a way to restart the video (or pause it for that matter) - while running through the presentation to practice, we discovered that there were a few times when we’d get to that slide and the video would be halfway through already.

Also, why is the Presenter Notes a thin grey bar at the bottom? That took us forever to find. :frowning:. Maybe add “Show Presenter Notes” to the Figma > View menu?


Definitely need to add a feature to “show video controls” in presentation mode.

We had a similar experience where we were showing a video in the deck and the request to “pause” in a certain area to discuss was not possible.


This would be super helpful for sharing motion. Similar to Keynote ideally on hover you could Play, Pause and Control the time line of a video. “Show video controls” would be perfect.

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At the moment, the video player lacks essential controls such as a playbar and volume control. These controls are fundamental for enhancing user experience, as they allow for easy navigation through the video and adjusting the audio levels according to personal preference.

Implementing a playbar would enable users to play/pause and seek to specific points in the video seamlessly. Similarly, adding a volume control would provide the flexibility to adjust the sound without needing to rely on external system controls.

I believe that incorporating these features would greatly improve the usability and accessibility of the video player.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to any updates on this matter.


I would love a “play” icon or button. In case of multiple videos in a slide.

Video player controls are also essential to our workflow in order to make an adoption case for Figma slides. It’s really the only remaining hold out that I can see as to why we can’t.