Figma prototype extremely slow

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I’m with an issue on prototype play these days, while I’m in play, interactions such as hover and click take a long time to happen, I have to wait for each screen, as if it were loading for about 2 to 3 minutes. I tried creating a file just for the prototype, thus reducing the amount of screens and scribbles, but it continues very slowly. Is anyone else going through this too? Any help on how to resolve it?

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Hey Rafael! Welcome to the community and sorry to hear this is happening with your prototype.

Usually, you may run into these limits when you’re working with large files and libraries in Figma.
For your information, every browser has its own active memory limit. This can differ across devices but the general understanding is there’s an active memory limit of 2GB for each tab in a browser.

To continue to use affected files, you will need to reduce your memory usage. This can involve splitting up large files, removing hidden layers, or reducing large assets.

As a first troubleshooting, you can find some tips in our article to reduce memory usage in files: here

If this still doesn’t help, I’d suggest you to reach out directly to the support team with a copy of your file so we can investigate further the root cause, by filling this form: here
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with

Hope it helps!

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Did this ever get resolved? I’m experiencing something similar.


We experience the same. Prototypes that used to work fine now take ages to load and it’s pretty much impossible to interact with them.


Hi there!
To give you an update, the slowness appears particularly when triggering interactions involving the various components nested in Sections in the file.

Our team has recently been investigating some reports of issues where users are seeing prototype frames nested in sections performing significantly more slowly. I see in our backend that @Mads_Emmertsen2 has filed a ticked and we have added the case to our open bug report for this issue. The best suggestion we can make is to flatten your hierarchies as much as possible at the moment.

For others, if you think your slow perfomance is due to another issue, please reach out to the support team so we can investigate it further here . We apologize for the inconvenience.


Update: I tried to create a new file solely for presentation purposes, thus reducing the amount of content in the file, which worked in some presentations, but the issue recurred this past week. One promising approach I tested is to decrease the number of components on the screen, leaving only those that are interactive in that flow. However, this only reduces the problem; it doesn’t solve it completely. The main change that helps us was delete all sections, it really help us a lot.

unfortunately not completely

I also have a strange bug while presenting a prototype, Im not sure but I think it have occured after the lastest actualisation. In my case, after some of interactions (clicks) the presentatnion view sometimes goes back to the top (my presentation is more like a landing page design) despite having a reset position on. And like I said, I have some clicks with interactions, most of them works fine but some makes errors.