Figma Professional Plan


I’m interested: if purchasing one professional package as a designer.
Does my developer have access to dev mode from their account?

No, you have to have a team folder and for a developer you need to buy a spot on the team.

So, a team of 1 designer and 1 developer should have 2 licenses?

Roughly speaking yes, 2 licences per team of two people. And one more thing. Even if your developer has his personal licence, when you add him to the team, you have to pay for it again.

So it’s easier if you add him to the team as a paid member right away.

You pay for a place in the team. And if your developer will work with different clients, in different teams, he will have to be paid for again.

Thank you!

Or another option. You have separate subscriptions. And you send the developer a file which he will later add to his team folder and can work separately in every sense. Because you lose the ability to see all the changes live. You can only see, but not work with the project.

Also DEV mode does not work in drafts.

Dev-mode should stay in beta until the whole paid seats thing gets fixed!