Figma not accepting Indian credit card

Today (4th sept 2023) I want to purchase Figma plugin (html 2 design) pro plan, but while making payment Figma say"Figma community currently not accepting Indian and Russian credit card. But still I tried with 5 different credit card and always failed. Anyone has its solution

Hi @Santosh_Goswami ,
Sorry to hear this is happening!
We’ve rolled out a fix for the ongoing issue with Indian banks and credit cards. Please try to update/verify your billing as needed.

If you continue to run into any further issues please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help:

Am also facing the same issue trying to buy the autoflow plugin but its not working. getting the error “Figma community currently not accepting Indian credit card”

It’s December 5, and I am still facing the same issue.
Do you know if this was fixed?

Hi @Celine_Figma I am trying to make a payment for the Figma organisation now (12th Jan, 2024) through the Indian corporate card and looks like I am not allowed to do it. It says " Payment declined" though it has enough credit limit. Can you help me asap.

Hey @Subashis_Batabyal1 ,
You receive this notification because the card you are using is not currently supported by our payment system. This is due to a payment regulation in India that we’ve worked to be compliant within, however, we’ve determined your specific card type cannot be used.

At this time, I recommend that you try to complete the payment with a different credit card. If it’s still not working, please reach out to the support team here. Thank you!

Hi Celine,
We have been trying multiple credit cards but facing issues to make payments for Figma professional. I would like to know which Bank’s credit cards would be accepted by Figma.

Hi @rutuja ,
Sorry to hear you are having issues with payments! I’m afraid there isn’t a specific list of credit cards that will certainly work that we’re able to provide - I would recommend contacting your bank institute to clarify this.

It might be also because of 3D Secure, can you try checking your email for an email coming from Stripe? It will include a link to complete 3D Secure. This link will direct you to your bank’s website, where you can complete the additional verification steps. Once this process is complete, you can submit your payment.

Feel free to reach out directly the support team: here The support team can investigate further if it’s actually 3DS issue, and can also send you a direct payment link which seems to help sometimes. Thank you for your understanding!