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Figma Mixed Styles Extension (Chrome, Firefox), works in “View only”

Hey there!

We continue to fix Figma by creating browser extensions ^_^"

We discovered that it’s impossible to extract CSS of a text node with complex styles. Usually you get CSS related to the first character only. Even though it’s not a big deal to generate CSS for the whole text node, Figma doesn’t do it for some reason. It’s probably not a problem for designers, but it is for developers. Especially when they work in “View only” mode.

Well, talk is cheap, here’s the extension:

Figma Mixed Styles on GitHub

Figma Mixed Styles in Chrome Web Store

Figma Mixed Styles in Firefox Browser Add-ons

Here’s an example:

Hope you find it useful :koala:

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Fantastic work Igor!

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Thank you :koala: