Figma Mirror Mobile App

:wave: I’ve been using Figma and Mirror for almost a year from now, and I really love it, I can’t compare. And in this journey I have built multiples mockups.

:warning:The Problem is :warning:

The app is unusable for Android phones, simple projects with just 3 screens have a hard time to render the screens transitions, the animations, clicks and images. And something I noticed is that iOS is pretty much better optimized compared to the Android version of the app, what doesn’t resonate well because Figma users are largely android users, based on mobile stores statistics. It is so difficult to preview the project features close to its real way.

It’s also buggy on iOS and it’s missing some features IMO. Figma is working on an update, they were hiring mobile engineers, but don’t know when that will come, it’s been a long time since last update.


I’m not so optimistic about the time we will have to wait for Mirror App optimization. The Figma community is waiting for Dark Mode awhile.

From the perspective of development make the dark mode is much easier than most of the others features, and it’s important for productivity, eye straining and style of work is the same or higher.

In this context, I don’t know what steps Figma is going to take, because, at least for me, they have been quite controversial.