Figma Mirror App is not working non iOS 15.5

My Figma Mirror is not working. I am using the latest version of iOS (15.5) on iPhone, latest version of macOS (Monterey 12.4) on my MacBook and I am sure I selected the top level frame…

Thank you in advance!



I got exactly the same problem. I’m on MacOS (Monterey 12.2) and iOS (15.5).
It won’t show the selected frame on mobile in the Mirror function.

I downloaded the app again, logged out and in and am sure i’m logged in with the same account on both devices.

Thanks for helping out!

Cheers, Celine


I am also having this issue. Tried logging out and back in on both devices, checked for any updates, tried logging out of the app and into just web Figma, but none of it is working.
It just says “Select a frame or component” and wont show that anything is there.
I can still look in recents and see everything just fine, but there is no mirroring.

EDIT: looks like this might have something to do with it

Things appear to be down or not working.


Ditto. Mirror is kaput ATM.


I have the same issue on my Ipad with iOS 15.5
Just commenting so that hopefully it will be noticed soon!

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Same issue. Logged out and in on all devices and apps. Mirror won’t work.

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Same here. Figma app Mirror feature is not displaying selected frames.
This is urgent! Please, is anybody working on this??

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same issue… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Having the same issue as well

iOS 15.5 The mirror is not currently functioning due to the same symptoms.

Same issue with 15.5

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Having this issue now with the latest Figma build.


Same issue with the latest Figma update & iOS 15.5 & iOS 15.3.1

@Julie_Turcotte @garethj @Ru_Chou There’s currently an issue we’re investigating that may be affecting you - will update once I get more information.

EDIT: we think this has been fixed. Please try again now.

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@knishida yes, now it works! thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Having this issue as well. Updated app on both iOS and Android devices, logged out/back in on Mac desktop app and web. Mirror still not working on either iOS or Android devices.

  • iOS 15.5
  • Android 12
  • Monterey v12.4.

Having the same issue in ipad ios 15.4
Any solution?

Any update here from Team Figma?

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Same issue for me, been trying from both desktop app and browser. Nothing changes on the Mirror tab in the phone app, just the default “Select a frame or component” screen.

No luck on:
iOS 15.5 (iPhone 12 pro)
Android v10 (Samsung Galaxy S9)

Same issue here. Latest Figma mirror app and iOS 15.5; Mirroring has been working very inconsistently over the last few weeks for me. Now not seeing the mirror CTA when selecting a top frame