Figma keeps saying I am offline

I keep running into an issue where Figma isn’t saving my changes, or is at least lagging quite heavily and only says im “back online” and saves my changes after disconnected and reconnecting my WiFi.

I would assume it’s my internet being problematic…but I am also on zoom calls, or voice chats (discord, slack huddle, etc) at the same time and have no issues.

I’m using the desktop client for Mac v.99.0.

Another thing that is weird, I can see other people designing in my file during these times. Multiplayer cursors and even the designs they are creating are coming through in real time, just my edits dont get pushed.

So confused and frustrated. Any help is appreciated.

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Hey! Can you send an email with your Figma account email address so that we can take a closer look? Please mention my name “Biru”.

Also, could you try grabbing the latest desktop app from Download Figma Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, and Font Installers?

Thanks for the response. I will email Figma support now. It appears im running the latest, but happy to try again.

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