Figma is slow how to resolve it

“I am using a MacBook Air M2 and everything is working well except for Figma. I don’t know why Figma is running quite slow on my device and my teammates are also facing the same issue. Even though the memory of the file is small, the prototype is lagging, the cursor is lagging, and it’s taking a lot of time to perform simple tasks. I have been facing this issue since today 12:30 PM. Before that, everything was working fantastic. I don’t know what happened suddenly.”

Hey Chaitanya, we’re not aware of any recent service disruptions:

I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #903045, for reference.

Could you please answer the following questions to the email you just received, so our technical support team can help your out.

1. Can you check and confirm if you see the same problem in any other browsers you have on your computer?
Our supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

2. Does this also happen on another network, like a mobile hotspot?
If it’s just happening on one network, you may need to adjust your proxy VPN or firewall settings as shown in Technical troubleshooting tips or speak to your IT Admins or ISP. Generally for problems affecting a single network we’re not able to troubleshoot as it would require access to your system or network settings.

**3. Can you capture a console log from the developer tools as shown in **Use Chrome Developer Tools?