Figma is running very slow suddenly

Figma is running very slow suddenly, I can’t even move an object easily, is it because of Figma servers?

As per my experience, i have never felt such an issue with the Figma server, it might be on your end like, Ram overusage due to other applications and it cal also be due to the internet problem.

In what platform you are facing issue, web or desktop version.

I am experiencing this too, on the mac desktop app. The browser works fine, but the app is freezing constantly. My WiFi connection is great, running a Macbook Pro and haven’t ever had issues. This has been happening for about a week

I I’m having the same problem. I restart my Figma, and it will work fine for 5 minutes, and then it starts to run very slow and freezes. Again, it is not working for desktop or browser.

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I have recorded this loom, it seems related to components with auto-layout? Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software