Figma is running very slow suddenly

Figma is running very slow suddenly, I can’t even move an object easily, is it because of Figma servers?


As per my experience, i have never felt such an issue with the Figma server, it might be on your end like, Ram overusage due to other applications and it cal also be due to the internet problem.

In what platform you are facing issue, web or desktop version.

I am experiencing this too, on the mac desktop app. The browser works fine, but the app is freezing constantly. My WiFi connection is great, running a Macbook Pro and haven’t ever had issues. This has been happening for about a week


I I’m having the same problem. I restart my Figma, and it will work fine for 5 minutes, and then it starts to run very slow and freezes. Again, it is not working for desktop or browser.


I have recorded this loom, it seems related to components with auto-layout? Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I have the same issue. it is table component with auto layout. copy, paste editing. all is so super slow. i am running a brand new mac book m1 max, monterey 12.4. it is not possible to work with figma any more.

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I am having the same issue with the desktop app. So much lag and sometimes freezing. None of the other apps on my computer are experiencing a lag at this time.


I am having the same issue as well. Many times I had to kill the Mac desktop app in order to get it up and running again. Really need a solution to this problem. Thanks!


Comments are not working for me. Do you have same issue?

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Please see our status page here. We’re still actively monitoring everything.

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Iam facing the same issue for past 3 weeks, I’m using MacBook Pro, and have 300 Mbps wifi connection. Earlier it were working fine even in mobile hotspot 4g itself with out any lag. Is this due to last update by figma after the config 2022.?


@figma just fix it please?! it is impossible to work on Figma. I can’t even move an icon.


My team also has significant performance issues with the Mac desktop app. We are dealing with daily freezes, search results never loading, connection errors and failed syncs. Even when our wifi is most definitely functioning at a high speed.

Quitting and restarting sometimes helps but not always. This has serious implications to our productivity :frowning:

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  • loom :fire:
  • As far I noticed, you’re updating an instance but I couldn’t understand why other instances are getting updated. that’s weird because it’s a master component behaviour.
  • have you tried the desktop app?
  • If you can’t did you tried to replicate the same issue on incognito? Sadly many chrome plugins doesn’t dance well with figma.


My general troubleshoot with figma are these steps which mostly helps me to pinpoint the issue - generally it turns out either my bad or my hardware is bad lol

  • Uninstall and reinstall figma app (if you’re on Mac use AppCleaner) Thanks to cloud magic, you don’t even need to back up anything.
  • Generally when you have an issue with figma, try to replicate the issue within a browser (especially in incognito chrome window). If chrome fails, do the vice versa
  • Try to replicate the issue on another machine (with different specs)
  • Might worth to check if one of the plugins causing the issue. Some are terribly maintained with ruins all the goodness of Figma.

I also had a terrible performance a year ago and all gone when I switched to m1. Didn’t even had any single hiccup ever since.

You are so right!
It’s not only slow it’s crashing a lot!

I have been using Figma everyday for the past 4 years and now I’m also experiencing 1-3 seconds lags when moving or editing anything in Figma. Can’t work like that. I know it’s not a hardware issue. Please fix that asap! Thanks

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As of Friday, July 8th, we are experiencing significant 5-10 second lag times for any action - moving, typing, changing colors. Our enterprise design workflow is at a complete standstill.

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My Figma is slow as well, and I also try the web base, it is also slow.

Other instances are getting updated because I build my components often with instances inside them (the loom example shows I am updating a master component that is a row, and an instance of it is within another table master component).

I got word from Figma that this file’s slowdown is caused by the individual strokes so I removed them, but still seeing major lag.

Figma is freezing multiple times on a daily basis. I am on a MacBook Pro, M1, 32 GB; and it is killing me. I am not having any issues with any other applications including the Adobe product line. Not sure why Figma is struggling!

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