Figma Home Page - Add a Search

I feel that Figma’s Homepage can use some love! Starting with a ‘Search’

I cannot search my Figma files - much needed!
I sometimes loose time in trying to find the right file because I often juggle a few tasks at the same time. The star & pinned are nice but I still loose time making sure it is the right file.

Also, the card view preview doesn’t update properly which doesn’t help in my search.
Maybe more zoom options in the Card View.

But a ‘Search’ would be the most helpful to start with!

Hey @Christina_Gritsas , thanks for your feedback!
We have a search bar in the top-left, is it what you are looking for?

Wow! lol Thanks @Celine_Figma :slightly_smiling_face:
I totally missed that!!

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You are welcome! Happy to help :blush:

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