Figma grid layout bug

Hello !
I’m having this weird bug with Figma layout. I don’t know what’s wrong, I tried to reopen Figma and update the app to the latest version but still doesn’t fix it.
Here’s a screen shot of it

Does anyone experience the same bug? How do I fix it ?
Thank you in advance !

You need to write a bug report to the support. Attach detailed information about your system (copy Debug Info from the menu), a link to the file.

The workaround is to copy the design to a new file. But in the new file, the bug may reappear after a while.

exactly the same happens to me

Same happens to me

There is a bug in the Layout grid. I wanted to create a layout grid for a screen size of 1024px.

Configuration: Columns, Count = 12, Type = stretch, Margin = 32, Gutter = 16

Now, the width of a column should be 65.333px. What happens, there are columns of 65px and 66px, which is wrong.

By creating the same grid with Auto layout it does what is should, Column size is 65.33px.

Thanks for correcting :slight_smile:

We have found a workaround, you can add the right size of a column by using variables :+1: and adding type “center”, beforehand.