Figma Freeze

A few times recently, I’m working in a file and one of my team mates get in my file and the whole FIGMA app Freezes! I can’t click anywhere or do anything.

I’m not too sure what causes this but it usually comes back available after a bit of time. Is this an expected behaviour? The whole UI is frozen even the close buttons…

I’m on an M1 Macbook pro 16GB ram and this only does this on FIGMA I have access to all other apps of my computer (so my laptop is not frozen)

Anyway if anyone has notices this lets talk about it


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Yes, same thing is happening with me on macOS. I am on Monterey with M1 pro.
On windows machine Figma app is working without any lag.

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Yeah. My App is constantly freezing when I am switching between tabs or draging the app around displays. M1 Max / MB pro.

Same here. Also with an M1 Pro. Perhaps the prototype view has something to do with it? When it does freeze it is open in the background.

Same happens to me, I don’t know why it freezes, if other team member is trying to get into the file, or if it freezes just by itself. I have 8 files open and I am working with linked components.

Same here… Usually happens when switching tabs. I’m on M1 Pro but my colleague has intel mac from 2015 and has the same issues.

Freezes when hovering over tabs or account switcher on the Mac app, using M1 Max. Freezing whole UI, sometimes even complete macOS (!), for 5-20 seconds.

The same. 2 opened files. Before I could open 15+ files and Figma worked quickly (except for the Loading state, but that’s ok). Now 1 file, 2 - it doesn’t matter, it slows down terribly.

I have the same issue here, also on a Mac book pro, with M1 pro and 16gb ram, it freezes a lot when changing tabs, or sometimes just wanting to select the rectangle tool

I also have this issue. Doesn’t seem to matter how many tabs I have open. It happens all the time. I’m on Monterey with an Intel chip.

I have the same issue here, also on a Macbook pro, with M1 pro and 16gb ram, it freezes a lot in all Figma tabs, while other apps work normally without any lag or freeze.

Same issue here for me as well. It can’t even work in the desktop app anymore, it freezes every 10 seconds, super annoying tbh. I have been forced to switch over to the browser experience now, however, I’m starting to face similar issues there as well.

I’m using a Macbook Pro 2019 with 32 GB of ram and not nearly using the total capacity there.

the same issue, after 1 min normal work, it freezes every 5-10 sec.

macbook air 2021 M1, 16 gb

Same issue here, MacBook Air (m1) - seems to lock up every 20s when I have my external monitor plugged in.

Have also tried on Windows, no issue. Have tried adjusting Display Settings to ‘Default for Display’ and ‘Scaled’, changing the Refresh Rate with no luck.

When I place the Figma window on the laptop screen it seems to not lag but does when it’s on the external.

Following up on this, I usually close my laptop lid and re-open to continue working. I noticed after a full restart that it resolved my system freezing with an external monitor.

I can confirm a similar problem when I unplug/plug in my external monitor from my laptop. When I unplug Figma suddenly stops unfreezing and things are working normally again, however, a very annoying bug that needs a fix asap.

I have also tried troubleshooting on my end to see if any other apps do the same but Figma is the only app that freezes my screen like this.