Figma desktop app taking too much time to load?

I am running windows 10 and Figma desktop app taking too much time to load. I don’t see that’s the case with website?

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  1. Check internet connectivity as well because Figma needs a stable internet connection to run.
  2. Check your Figma installed version not to be older.
  3. Restart the Figma and your PC/Laptop if not work
  4. Reinstalled Figma desktop app
  5. If you are using any antivirus make sure you allow Figma as Trusted Software in the Settings

after applying the above all solutions are not resolved check the further steps in the conversion - Figma is getting very slow - #12 by Ferdinand_Werthwein_UX_UI_Desi

Hi, normally that shouldn’t be the case. Try to reinstall.