Figma Design System for Different Business

Hi Guys, I’m on creating a design system that support my agency. The idea is
have 2 lib for the master. 1st library will be used for color and the second is used for component.

the case begins when I use a variable in 1st component (actually I’m happy with the alias feature) but the problem is when i want to use this design system for my project (let’s call it XYZ project) and XYZ project needs to create additional lib for saving some important component (let’s call it XXX).

In XXX I can’t get the color variable from the 1st library. How I can solve this?

Hey Daniel, thank you for reaching out! Not sure if this solution is the best, but I’ve found this Plugin which might help you. With this Plugin you can export variables from one file and import them to another. It’s great for migrating libraries, or when you downloaded library from the community and you’d like to import or update variables in your existing design system.

Hey Gayani, thank you for your answer

So from Figma team, what is the best perspective of creating architecture for multi brand / multi theme ?

Hey Daniel - from my POV, I don’t think there’s much we can recommend on our end.

Not because we don’t want to, but I think it comes down to the specifics on what your vision is for your designs, the teams you’d be working with, and how you’d handle communicating changes to those involved in your Figma project[s].

I’d recommend running a search on existing forum topics to see if other community members have engaged in similar conversation that may be helpful in guidance.