Figma component prototyping bugginess

Thanks in advance for any help, advice, etc :wink:

I run into these kinds of bugs all the time in Figma. We’ve had to scale back interactivity in our components before do to these types of issues.

I am very happy with Figma and wouldn’t want to go back to XD, but sure would be nice if prototyping behaviors were as reliable in Figma as they are in XD.

I have even gone in, cleared all prototype wires, and rewired it to see if I made a mistake, no cigar. I have sent other members of my team in to double check it, they see no reason why it shouldn’t work.

Keep in mind I created this video just to share with my team to cry for help, and I just uploaded it to share what’s happening on this forum, since I can’t just give random people access to our corporate design system. I literally just uploaded this to YouTube, so might still be waiting on high quality, but you should be able to see what’s happening even in the low quality version that’s done processing now:

If someone wants to see the file, I have moved just the offending piece to a personal free account to share with the community:

It has been a long day, maybe I am missing something, but I don’t think so hahaha

BTW… Moving the offending pieces over to another file did fix the glitch I point out in the video when opening/closing, so I went back into my main file and resized the canvas and that glitch went away. Seems to be a compilation bug or something?

We just found the fix… I got curious, because autoanimate looks for things of same layer name and animates based on that info. So, I wondered (even though I am not using autoanimate) if because I was using an instance and those instances all had the same name if it was somehow confusing the interactions from one copy of the instance to another. I changed the instance layer names to a unique name and now everything works as expected. Wish I had figured this out sooner… The tears this knowledge could have prevented LOL

Anyway, hope this info helps others experiencing prototyping bugginess.

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