Figma chat cursor shortcut doesn't work on non-US keyboards

As usual, US shortcuts doesn’t work on other keyboards.
So please,

  • give us the ability to customize them
  • put every function in the menus to access them
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I can right click in Figjam to access it, but in Figma I can’t find it.

Would be nice to have shortcuts actually fixed since we have feature requests about it that are left to die on the regular.

Figmas accessibility is really lacking.

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Same here, it’s a shame it’s not working in non-US keyboards

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I think they just added it to the right click menu on Figma when you click on the canvas.

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Only 9 votes. Maybe the cursor chat feature is not that used after all. 🥲

Have you tried other keys?

The keyboard hint will say it’s one key but it might still work on your non-US keyboard, only under a different key. The hint for cursor chat for example says / but on my keyboard I get cursor chat on '.

It would be great if the hints told you the actual keys to use on your particular keyboard, even better if we could customize them, but (at least for me) there are only something like 4 keyboard shortcuts that doesn’t work without 3rd party hacks.