Figma app now requires macOS 10.13😭

Is there a place where I can download an older version of the figma app?
I can’t use the app after I clicked update Figma and I can’t update my iMac cause ‘Apple’

What previous version of the application worked for you? Have you tried installing Figma Beta?

The one before 98.11.0
Anything before this version would work for sure.

Beta same thing :confused:

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Thankyou so so much

Unfortunately, the only option on launch now is ’ Install on next launch’ so I might need to re-install in every time, but at least I can work for now.

No success!
Figma desktop app is out of date!

Your Figma desktop app needs an update to continue working. Get the latest version from our Downloads page.

Unfortunately, there is nothing more I can do to help other than to suggest using a browser.