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FigJam Doesn't Fully Work in Figma Desktop

  1. Text box in Figma Desktop App on Mac has no formatting options. Sticky note can’t be changed.

  2. Open FigJam in Figma Desktop and the steps are easy to repeat. Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 11.00.01 AM

  3. desktop app

  4. MacOS BigSur 11.2.3 and Figma 97.7

Hey @CF1 is it that you don’t see the text options tooltip? What happens after refreshing? Does this happen only in the desktop app or also the browser?

No tooltips (no text options), no color options on a sticky note, no options on anything I place on the board.

It’s just in the desktop, Chrome works fine.

Does it only happen in this file or all files?

This doesn’t look like FigJam, you probably copied things from FigJam into Figma, and not seeing FigJam-specific controls is expected behavior.

No, I assure you it was FigJam. You know why it doesn’t look like FigJam? Because the edit controls aren’t there, like the bug I reported.

FigJam doesn’t show element sizes, the selection border is thicker there and it can’t have gray background. So unless you somehow got Figma super bugged and very deeply integrated into FigJam, this is likely not FigJam. If the bug is still there, can you share the file and more full-screen screenshots?