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Feedbacks for improvement

Hello there!

I’ve been working for about a month with FigJam, mostly to create wireframes and user flows while collaborating with my clients. I encountered many things that could be improved, here’s a list.

  1. Change font size and style. Right we are not able to change the font size, we only have some preset and that really bothered me through out my experience.

  2. Maximum resizing. I would love to be able to re-size shapes without any limits, I wish I could make tiny tiny shapes…

  3. Colors. Please let us change the colour of shapes with hex codes, it is not possible and we just have a small list of preset colours.

  4. Wireframes presets shapes. I would really love to have a preset library with phones, buttons, icons that would just make sense to have while we create wireframes.

  5. Opacity. In the beta there’s to opacity option integrated, I bet this is coming later?

  6. Stroke sizes. Instead of having 2 size preset, it would be great to be able to set the sizes in PX.

Overall I really enjoy FigJam i’ve been using figma every day for about 2 years and i’m in love. But i think FigJam will have to improve their basic features before it can be enjoyable working a full day with it. Keep on the good work.

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