Feedback on Figma Variables Feature

Hi there,

I wanted to express my appreciation for the introduction of variables in Figma, as it’s a valuable addition to the platform. However, I’ve noticed a few crucial features that seem to be missing, and their absence is limiting the usefulness of this feature. I believe addressing these aspects would significantly enhance the overall experience.

  1. Collection Re-ordering:
    It would be great to have the ability to reorder collections. This feature would provide more flexibility in organizing and managing variables.

  2. Color Token Enhancements:
    I propose adding a feature that allows the combination of multiple colors with transparency control for color tokens. This could be especially useful for both normal variables and reference variables from other collections.

  3. Export & Import as .json
    The ability to export and import variables ( including modes ) as .json files would streamline collaboration and allow for easier sharing and version control.

I believe implementing these features would significantly improve the functionality and versatility of the variables feature in Figma. Thank you for considering these suggestions, and I look forward to seeing further enhancements in future updates.

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Hey Renju, thank your for your feedback! I’ve merged your post with a similar one. Please feel free to vote on the main post.