Feedback for Figma Variables


I would like to provide feedback for Beta Figma Variables.

Message: Variables are a great tool for building design systems, and I’m rooting for them. However, to maintain the quality of implementation and design consistency, it’s necessary for variables to function as they should. I have a few observations from my colleagues and myself during the 2-month testing on our projects.

UI window for Variables:

  • The Variables window should not be part of the Figma canvas, but should be a separate window that I can drag anywhere outside the canvas as needed. (One window for Figma, another for Variables)
  • Placing the button to create a variable at the end of the block doesn’t make sense, button is too deep. Should be also on top of the Window.

General Variables:

  • Variables should be able to calculate between variables
    • For example: If I’m setting a unit system, and I set an 8px unit system within the project, I should be able to generate a set of the entire unit system easily with a simple notation: baseUnit * 0.5, baseUnit * 1, baseUnit * 2, baseUnit * 3, and so on.

Color Variables:

  • Font colors are specified in RGB. Today, RGB is practically unused, and we would like to display colors using other formats such as HSL, HSB… to be possible make color schemes and be more readable in variables window. (For example some switch to other formats)
  • Gradients are missing. Just like with solid colors, it should be possible to define gradients. In styles, we use combinations and we would prefer not to set the color once from Variables and once from Color Styles.

Font Variables:

  • I understand that this is still in preparation. However, we would like the option to define variables independently for:
  • Font weights (300, 400, 700, 900, etc.)
  • Font sizes
  • Optionally, style (strike, small caps)
  • Font families

Certainly, this is not everything, and I would like to invite more people with their own experiences to join the conversation.

For example, from the Figma Tokens plugin (where the above-mentioned things are possible, but in terms of usage, they are too slow to change). Good luck, Figma Variables! :crossed_fingers: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

If needed I can make presentation for Figma Team. :slight_smile:


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