Feature request: Prototype integration

The feature
I’d like to request the feature that Plugins should be able to know if a user is in prototype mode, on which frame and maybe even what specific interactive components are set to.
An alternative to this would be the option to run plugins directly inside Prototypes, however if this would be preferred I’d like to have the ability to run these Plugins on my phone too.

Use cases

  • Changing a frame to something else (eg. a login and register frame, when you click “Log in instead” or “Register instead” it’s gonna bring up a “loading” dialog and the plugin detects that, which makes the “Confirm password” box visible and changes some labels
  • Logical toggles (eg. the user will see an error message if the user didn’t accept the terms by clicking a checkbox, only if the user checked that box the user can actually proceed.)

Please note: The two above examples can be done with only interactive components and frames, but the main problem is logical gates. Figma for some reason still doesn’t have logical gates, and this would somewhat help.

More use cases:

  • Resizing the frame automatically to the users screen size (I think this one makes sense)

I sadly couldn’t come up with more (I might edit this), but I think there’s way more potential to this.

I’d like to see what you come up with too!

Additional features (not required, but would be nice)

  • Changing frame the user is on
  • Opening or closing overlays
  • Changing states of components (on the prototype, not permanently like I would’ve done above)
  • Pausing gifs. This should be actually also implemented as a trigger (eg. for a working video player concept or making gifs that don’t loop (using the after delay trigger))