Feature request: insert figma links into desktop app

When my co-worker sends me a Figma link, I want to open it in the desktop app immediately. Currently I have to click the link, wait until it is opened in the browser and then wait for a suggestion to open the document in the desktop app, which appears in ~30% of cases.

Instead, I could copy the link, paste it into the search field of my desktop Figma client and see it opening right in the new tab.

Right now when I paste the link into the search field, it literally tries to search for this text and obviously finds nothing :frowning_face: :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hey @Kyrylex,

You can update your link preferences to always open in the desktop app:

Hey Denise, at the moment of writing my feature request, these preferences were already turned on on my browser. It doesn’t do what is suggested in my feature request.

Same issue. When someone sends me a Figma link, it still first loads in the browser, then opens in the app and the browser tab has some text saying Opened ‘file name’ in Figma app. But what I think we are saying we would like, is to remove this whole step where it first loads the link in the browser, and instead just directly open it in the app. The way it is now, we are left with lots of redundant Figma tabs that need to be manually closed in our browser which adds clutter. It is also jarring the way this switch happens from App A with the link, to App B the browser, to App C Figma.

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Right, Hazel. Your suggested interaction is ideal, but it might be hard to implement. So I suggest a workaround: I want to be able to copy the link and to paste it into the Figma desktop app, the same way I would do it with another browser.

I think, the search field is the best place to paste the link, as it’s similar to Chrome-like browsers and doesn’t require any additional UI.

This function already exists in the application, but only in a slightly different form: File › Open File URL From Clipboard. For Windows, this item is in the additional menu.

Related topic: Allow to "Open file URL from Clipboard" by pasting the link on the search box (⌘/Ctrl + / or ⌘/Ctrl + P).


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