Feature Request: Basic editor tools for shapes + styling

I’m relatively new to Figjam + love the simplicity. It’s the clarity of a whiteboard w/minimal noise + all the extra fun (if u want it) from the community. However, basically it surprises me that Google Drawing, the forgotten app w/in the google suite, offers a simplistic but 100x more rich experience than FigJam currently does.

Assuming the majority of users (like myself) are also Figma fluent, we’re coming from a robust set of tools + not used to limitations on basic functionality. This is my second attempt with FigJam since it was released, I’ve found it integrates nicely w/Atlassian now, but coming from Miro, LucidChart, Google Drawings + even basic markdown it just lacks the ability to clearly define your board elements thru standard formatting tools.

There are baseline editor/formatting capabilities that are just not supported such as:


  • Text alignment
  • Text spacing
  • Text indentation


  • Drop shadow
  • Padding
  • Targeted border styling (bit of a reach but figured I’d try :wink:)

Given that FigJam is basically working on a blank canvas these standard, if not nominal capabilities, would make a huge difference across a plethora of use cases including but not limited to:

  • Visual hierarchy
  • Visual emphasis
  • Content density
  • Enabling alignment w/internal +/or client-expected design patterns
  • Creating banners, panels, cards, chips, etc… from simple shapes instead of depending on widgets or plugins
  • Better workspace +/or artboard definition

Greatly appreciate if this request is considered for inclusion in the product roadmap. Totally understand it’s not the coolest or exciting functionality but a little control over the board elements can make a huge difference for the majority of your users.

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