Feather Icons: only shows on the edit page and not on my presentation page

Hello, everyone
I’m new in Figma.
I used the feather Icons plug to add an icon but it only shows on the edit page and not on my presentation page.
I tried to reinstall it again and tried another icon plug like Figmoji, other icon plug is working okay, and can show on the presentation page perfectly. However, I still want to use Feather Icons.
What should I do to fix this problem?

Thank you

Check out the Layers panel. The inserted icon must be inside the frame of your design, not above the frame.

Thank you tank666, I check out them already, all the icons are inside the frame of my design, and I also check out those layer orders. The icon missing problem is still there…( it only missing on the presentation page) :smiling_face_with_tear:

Could you share a link to an example file?

Thank you tank666!

This is my practising page.

I found some of the text and icons disappear on the presentation page not only icons from Feather Icons.
Is that because of my net speed? or other reasons?

Thanks for the link to the file. Your elements (tool, zap, group 3) are not insidе the frame of your design, so they are not displayed in Presentation mode. Drag the above elements inside the “首頁” frame.

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OMG!! Thank you so so so much tank666, you are my sunshine!!! :sun_with_face: