Favouriting Figma files

I have an array of Figma files I want to track across Teams/Projects and lose track of them. They contain relevant context I need for work, examples I want to learn from, or resources important for me. In a large Org with many teams, domains, projects this is very challenging to do.

I either need to keep them living as a tab, Duplicate into my drafts, Save a document with links to relevant figma files, or dig through my Recent files.


  • Favourites tab in same area as Recents, Drafts.
  • Favourite/Heart icon in figma file cards or list items.
  • Favourite file from project name dropdown.


  • Easier organization of personal files of interest making it easier to skill up or access relevant context to improve/speed up my work.
  • Remove all the tabs I dont need at a given moment making Figma more performant and situationally focused on what I am working on at that time.

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