Fame placement problem

I am an absolute newbie to Figma and am doing a first tutorial. I have completed the page up to a point, then wanting to copy some icons in to add to a floating menu. However I cannot place them where I want. If I do, they move everything around them. Frame with icons will not position where I want it, it moves everything around it. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
I’ve shared the link to the file. The problem frame is Frame 11 currently sitting in the workspace outside of the Desktop.https://www.figma.com/file/ByYahFkxngbWQXotrmHkvx/Untitled?type=design&node-id=0%3A1&mode=design&t=DbwNN3LN7EGQ8e61-1
Thank you,

Welcome to Figma! How exactly are you wanting to position the icons?

Thank you for replying. The tutorial has them placed as per the snip attached. But in my file they will only position either at the very top of the desktop or at the very bottom. Any attempt to put them anywhere else moves the other elements.

Hey Donna,
Can you please share what you see on your end? (a quick video recording would be appreciated so we can try to reproduce on our end).
I try to move the Frame 11 and drag it on the “Desktop-1”, is it what you intend to do? Please see the video below: