Exporting variables as a dev

If I make a component with multiple varients, and use it in various locations when my dev exports they will all have the same name. Is there a way to have the property type in the name? I am hesitant to rename each instance, since I want to keep the control to rename from the main component level.
Thank you

Yes! In the Inspect panel, when you select a variant, you will see all the chosen properties relevant to that variant.

Thank you - but if I have multiple variations of the variant - each will export with the same main component name unless I rename each, which I prefer not to do since that will keep it from updating if I change the name of the main component. Also time-consuming.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. Sorry, I misread your ask. Unfortunately I am not sure how to achieve a variant-based naming convention in Figma without writing some fancy custom plugin to manage this, or using a sticker sheet to manage where exports occur.

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