Experience on community search and browse UI can be improved

I don’t find the Figma community page particularly user friendly, here are some of the issues observed:

  • (bug) Quite often, no search results are displayed if I type in the search query and press enter; that simply leads to the homepage.
  • No way to remove filters, e.g. you click on one of the tags, but then cannot remove that filter.
  • It’s difficult to understand what the plugins are about. E.g. you select popular plugins from the home page, and you get a long list of names with no explanations. How am I supposed to understand what the plugin does, if all the description I have is a two-words, not-always self-explanatory title?
  • more screenshots are needed on the plugin page. One is often not enough to get an idea of what the plugin is about, and very often, words don’t help as much as a visual example.

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