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Enhance the community feature!

Hi Figmates :wave:

As a semi-regular user of figma and a former Slack channel helper, I’ve gotten to know the platform and the community quite well. While I’m not as active as I used to be back in 2020, I still like to hop onto the slack channel and forums every once and a while.
I love to use figma’s product and do all of my design work with the software. It’s incredibly well thought out and perfect for what I need. There’s only one thing that’s lacking. The community tab!
While I’ve noticed that Figma is starting to enhance their community section, it still has a long way to go. Finding files is still hard, and personalization doesn’t work too well. I propose a few of these changes to enhance the community feature more.


It would be nice if we could have a feed page where designers don’t share files, they share feelings. Think twitter: but scaled down, and figma specific.


Designers and companies want their work to be their work, and verification is perfect for that. Designers should be able to apply for verification and receive special features when they do.

Daily design challenges

Similar to dribbble, I’d love to see some official challenges to feature the smaller designers on the app.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas! Feel free to add on.

Thanks for this feedback and ideas. Moved this into the share feedback channel! :slight_smile:

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