Enhance connector lines so they componetize nicely

I love using FigJam connectors in Figma to layout flows. They make diagram manipulation easy to iterate and refine. The drawback is that once I’ve completed a flow, I can’t create a master component and then the instances I need to present in multiple contexts. The FigJam connectors don’t want to nest inside of a frame, and as a result, my instances have no connector lines. Additionally, the only way I can share the completed diagram outside of Figma (.png or .pdf) is by making a screen cap, because the export function won’t capture the FigJam connectors either.

So one of my steps once diagram is almost final is to replace the FigJam connectors with Figma lines/connectors that will componetize. It’s not so fun.

It would be nice if those FigJam connectors could componetize along other elements in a frame. There must be something technically preventing this, but it would be a good enhancement, IMO.

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Hey Steven, thank you for your feedback! Please don’t forget to upvote this.

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I’ve seen this topic resurfacing for over 3 years now. I totally get the focus on prioritizing major features and I’m grateful for it, but this one is waving at us for so long :persevere:. I would love to see this getting some attention.