Enable better integration between Figma prototypes and Game Engines

Hi! My team is creating UX prototypes for use as front end UI in Unreal Engine. The Figma prototype is displayed inside a web control overlay rendered in front of the 3D game engine content. However this does not work correctly due to several reasons:

There’s no way to make the Figma content’s background transparent.

I’ve tried setting the Figma frame’s background color to transparent etc, but it seems that the HTML canvas control is still filled black before the prototype is rendered.

To enable full background transparency in a Figma prototype AFAIK this is what’s needed:

  1. Don’t fill the HTML canvas with black before painting the prototype nodes. AFAIK if you don’t write to pixels in a canvas element they remain transparent.

  2. Add the style=“background: transparent;” style to the prototype’s BODY element.

No way to trigger “dummy” URLs

The an easily communicate from a web front end to a container app is by listening to URL changes and reacting accordingly. Usually you can just add links to non-existent anchor URLs. However the Figma prototype player errors if you click on an anchor URL that doesn’t exist.

The prototype player should just send the anchor URL requests straight through to browser instead of erroring.


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