Easy reuse variables

As I see now variables working only in the local files. I tried to modify a design guideline, that I can manage easier light/dark mode, but after I changed the component colors to “variable colors” in the connected files (where I use this lib) everywhere changed the “orig” color, and don’t bring the orig file logic.
So as I understand now I should set the logic again :frowning:
if I have to move this logic again it is not really useful for bigger companies. If you could support short therm copy- paset or import -export (later publish with the components :smiley: ) would be cooool

Hi @Gabor_Sterczl1,

Thanks for sharing your feedback about variables on the forum!

I can see what you mean and indeed all your components will need to be manually set up with variables which can quickly become tedious with large design systems. There’s definitely room for improvements here and we’re currently working on an export/import option and other additional features to help with this.

Still, I have noted your feedback for our Product team to give it more visibility and push for these changes. I can’t share an ETA for it at this point nor guarantee how it will be implemented but I can confirm that’s something we’re working on at the moment :smiley:

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