Drag & Drop Prototyping?

Hello all,

I wonder if it is possible at all to create some sort of drag & drop prototype? I have tried using drag+ Push (up) and Smart animating layers but none really create a ‘‘drag’’ feel, its all just a click or while dragging, it does not follow a users’ mouse/finger point…I attached a image of what I would like to achieve, but no idea how, if at all :slight_smile:

Any tips or ideas are welcome!

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Sorry ignore my other comment lol I didn’t read all the post XD. I’m having a similar issue to be fair and I think it may be limited to figmas app etc

I think so too. I have kind of made something like it work but it only works with a single drag/drop element.

Kind of weird how such a basic interaction is not at all supported in figma…Ah well

Same issue here!