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Dotted lines showing pinning

I just noticed that there’s these dotted lines showing how elements are pinned. I swear they weren’t there until just now. I must have hit a hotkey by accident. Anyone know how to get rid of them? See image.

If you set Constraints to Scale, they won’t be visible. Or if you wrap the rectangle in auto layout. You can’t hide them any other way. But for me they are not a problem, I got used and never pay attention to them when I don’t need them.

Thanks Gleb! I was just confused because I could have sworn that they weren’t there before. I just switched to Figma a couple weeks ago, so I guess it’s possible I just started noticing them now… but that would be a major brain fart moment, haha. This isn’t a new update or anything, is it? And I definitely didn’t just hit a hotkey to turn them on?

No, they’ve been there all the time.

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