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Doesn't auto layout work for components?

I’m trying to place a button inside a auto-layouted nav menu. But blue mark for auto layout isn’t appearing and I can’t place. Very weird.

Duplicate the button and try again by moving the instance to the menu component.

I did that, too! Doesn’t work. Been using Figma for years. But never faced this issue.

It only works if I manually put the button inside that auto layout nav menu group/.

In the video, you are trying to place a master component in another master component. This is impossible. Only an instance of another component can be placed in a master component.

If the instance of another component is not automatically nested in Auto Layout, you can try holding Ctrl (a chevron will appear under the cursor).

And if that doesn’t help, then you may have encountered some specific error. Therefore, you’d better contact support.

So I won’t be able to paste something to an instant (which has auto layout), too?

Yes, you cannot add or remove objects to an instance, but you can apply overrides.

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