Does dev mode allow for "Freezing" designs during hand off?

Does the new dev mode feature allow for the ability to “freeze” designs when handing off? We are trying to avoid designs being update while being developed. Currently, we utilize branching to do this but I think it could be more efficient. We archive that branch so designers can’t make edits to those, then designers continue to update the main file so it doesn’t affect devs current work.

We are also curious about this, but haven’t found a way to do so yet. So far - marking ready for development only indicates that to the dev team. Then they can see the last time a design was touched, but that’s it, no other controls!

yes same with us. I’m hoping Figma develops a new feature that allows for freezing certain frames that are ready for dev. I think its also really important for dev to be able to see and copy frames from previous versions. Right now, there is no capability to copy links to frames from previous versions within dev mode. That would be super helpful.