Do you use Spacer with Auto Layout?

I’m new to Figma and design in general. I have a case where I need to adjust spacing between elements based on their content type and hierarchy.

After searching around, I found that using a spacer seems to be the best approach for my use case. However, I’m curious to know about your approach in your design with auto layout.

Happy designing!

I use auto layouts because I want my components and layouts to be reposnsive and reflow at any size withtout having to redraw them.

Spacers are a neat attempt to workaround missing design tokens. These days you can use variables to achieve the same result without increasing layers complexity

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Thanks, Pavel. Could you please share with me how you achieve flexible spacing using design tokens and variables? I did some searching but couldn’t find any information on how to accomplish this.

Sure deal

For flexible spacing, I made a simple component, like this

It’s just an auto-layout frame that holds a size element inside. This way I can place instances inside other components and be able to swap them left and right whenever I want different spacing settings.

The size element has width and height bound to my spacing tokens, whenever I change these variables all my spacing components get updated in no time

And lastly, I made them discoverable with a simple layout grid, like this

I have different colours for different values so it is kind of a neat way to differentiate tokens visually. With the layout grid, I can toggle their visibility with a Shift+G

Hope that helps mate

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Thanks you took the time to write this down Pavel.
Very helpful and very much appreciated!