Disappearing Images in Figma

I’ve been using Figma for a few months, moving from Sketch. I have a fairly large working file, which was fine until today—I installed the desktop app, and suddenly I have bitmaps not appearing in my file. This is reflected in both the web browser and desktop apps, viewing the same file.

I’ve tried a few things, per the suggestions of folks here. Those things include running a terminal command to clear the Figma cache, and flattening the image. Neither of these have worked.

Moving back to Sketch until further notice.

I’ve also noticed that bitmaps on the somewhat large size look pixelated and unreadable in Figma. This is something that would take some getting used to, and I’m not sure I’m up for it. Please advise.

I’m encountering the same problems. Images in my frames were visible on 13 Dec SGT time, and 14 Dec, some of them disappeared and turned black. The layer of the image is there, but it’s just a black layer.

I copied it back from another file i had a backup for, but it’s still not working.
File A Backup - Ctrl C (image visible)
File B with issue - Ctrl V (black color) error says - invalid thumbnail image was removed