Disable new scale menu

I’ve noticed Figma added this scale menu now.

The idea is nice but it hides all other options just because I have the scale tool selected… is there any way to disable this behaviour?


The close button only disables it temporarily… wonder why it’s even there.

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Have you found any solution? I’m looking for the same answer. Thx

Nothing… i still find it annoying :grimacing:

Works like a charm for me. Whenever I need to scale something I hit K, enter the value like 1.5 and commit with Enter. Sometimes I choose to have a specific width or height which are few tabs away. Changed mind? Esc or V to revert back to normal.

Seems like you are the mouse guy, aren’t you? )

Ah, and I would not want this to go away, it was very welcome improvement for many design professionals

The shortcuts you mentioned make it nicer indeed, still i think they shouldnt hide all other options when using scale tool. just add it to the properies stack…

It’s a terrible update indeed, just makes scaling & adjusting things more complicated

I’d guess their rationale was that once you decided to scale everything else isn’t very relevant so they trim it. Personally I don’t see it as a problem, I just adopted new habit the way it was designed by creators )

And before that scale tool has this weird modality, before the update I was constantly messing around forgetting the tool was active, it was very annoying indeed.

“Isn’t very relevant” of course it’s relevant, just because you want to scale something doesn’t mean other core UI panels become irrelevant all of a sudden

I am sorry to hear that you are frustrated with that update. On the other hand, I cannot imagine Figma can satisfy all of us, some compromises to be made.

Personally, I will take it one way or another. This is the tool I use 8 hrs a day and it is way superior to everything I have used before, see no problem to adjust my habits for specific workflows.