Designers need Inspect mode, too!

I used the inspect mode all the time to ensure padding and spacing meet my company’s design standards. Now that inspect mode has been removed from the design view, it’s a several step process. Go to dev mode, select the item to check spacing, etc., make a note of how far it needs to move up/down/left/right, go back to design mode to make the change, go back to dev mode to verify.

It’s awful!!

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I totally agree and you can smell the money making decision in this one. All they care about here is preventing devs without a full license from working with designers and charging for an extra license.

Is it the new adobe smell coming through after acquisition.

Is there any information that you get in Dev Mode that you cannot get and change from the Design panel?

Have you tried using the measuring shortcuts and the outline mode? You can also use the smart handles in auto-layout to check and change values.

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Thank you, @Fernando_Lins , for sharing these helpful links with Alisa. Honestly, I’ve been using Figma for some time now and have always appreciated how it evolves to meet the needs of designers. I understand the frustration with the recent changes, but I’m optimistic about the improvements Figma has in store for Dev Mode post-2023. Let’s stay patient and see how these developments enhance the overall workflow, especially for dev operations.

Totally agree, please bring it back.

Thanks for the reply. I did not know about the measuring shortcuts or the outline mode! The measuring shortcut will show me what I need. I’ve been using Figma for about 2 years … I’m sure there are lots of other nifty things I don’t know about either.

Thanks again, you made my day. :blush:

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