Decide between FigJam file or Figma file when creating a new page

Being able to choose between a FigJam file or Figma file when using the Figma designer has a lot of benefits, but I think the most obvious one would simply be that it reduces clutter within your file manager if you are using both FigJam and Figma.

For me, some helpful integrations would be…

  1. Being able to choose if I am going to use a FigJam file or a Figma file when I go to create a new page within the Figma Designer.
  2. Adding a FigJam workspace on an existing Figma page where I would have access to all the elements and options FigJam offers.
  3. If the above capabilities are approved, it would also be helpful to have some kind of identifier next to the page names explaining if there are Figma and/or FigJam files inside.

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