Date/Time automation...again?

Feels like I’m missing something…

I use a workflow wherein comps are exported to PDFs, which are presented to the client. Because PDFs are static and discrete, there could be as many out there as have been presented. The layout software we’ve been using before attempting to transition to Figma included a slug which generated the date/time of export, the name of the operator who exported the PDF, the revision number (we don’t keep old versions, but the PDFs still exist), and some user-input info (team members etc.). Because of the number of people who handle these PDFs, I’ve found this information vital when some old version pops back up.

But I am having a devil of a time finding a way to simply stamp current date/time on an exported PDF, or into a slug frame or something similar. I see other people have asked this question, and I don’t see any solid answers. (One script produces an error, which other people have recorded but hasn’t been addressed, etc.)

Short of hiring a coder to make a slug/script/plugin for us (I’m a designer and I don’t know JS), do I have options? Thank you!