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Cut/paste a portion of an image similar to Sketch?

Sometimes I need to tweak an existing web design. In my Sketch days if I didn’t/couldn’t have a source file, I might take a screenshot and in Sketch they have this great tool where you can select a portion of an image and copy/paste it. Need to move this down 100px and add a line of copy? I can do it in 30 seconds in Sketch.

In Figma, I know there’s the crop tool, but it seems to be this manual resize and then I need an uncropped copy too, etc.

Is there some option in Figma I’m missing? A plug-in that could help? I’ve tried HTML to Figma but the pages I need to capture make the plug-in freeze up.

Slice tool is what you are looking for:

Slice tool in Figma

As far as I can tell, this is in the ballpark of what I’m asking for, but not exactly it. It appears a slice sits above the image and I could export a piece of it and bring it back into the file, which is different than what I’m describing in Sketch, where you can directly edit the image and cut/paste pieces out of it. If I could post a vid or gif showing what I mean, I would.

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You can copy the image instead of exporting in the desktop app (Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + C).